Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dharma and ‘Right Work’

A Buddhist-inspired adage says "’right work’ is when all of one's life experiences come together." That is so true for me as a jewelry artist. I can’t think of an experience or learning or skill gathered from my many past employment situations – good and bad -- that isn’t applicable in my current ‘job’ -- many times miraculously so. That's because my ‘right work’ really isn’t about the jewelry, it’s about the human connections I make, both influencing and being influenced by others; jewelry is but the means to accomplish this, not the destination.

Scott Wolfram, a Minneapolis astrologer, puts it this way:

“One’s dharma is supported when one adopts a career, or life’s work that is also one’s ‘right work.’ Right work implies doing both what is rewarding and meaningful to your sense of purpose in life as well as providing some needed service to society.”

Without using the same phrase, I believe Wayne Dyer refers to ‘right work’ in his book Excuses Begone when he says,

Dharma is the calling in your soul that you are to fulfill…. Passion within you is god speaking.
It was a serendipitous experience in 2002 that revealed to me that designing jewelry was to be my new path; I had but to listen and follow. Don’t die without achieving your dharma.

Listen, then follow. 

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