Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Design - More Than a Bump in the Road

Every jewelry designer has their own way of expressing the creative process with regard to design. I really like what jewelry designer Warren S. Feld has to say about design in his posting DESIGN – MORE THAN A BUMP IN THE ROAD. Warren is a featured blogger (Rogue Elephant and Tips and Tricks) at Land of Odds, an on-line store where I purchase some of my non-gem components. Here’s an excerpt:

“Design doesn’t suddenly drape itself around you because you’ve visited every bead store between here and there. It doesn’t become a part of you because you’ve attended X-number of bead shows and taken Y-number of jewelry making workshops. Design is something more.

Design means having some intention in life (italics mine). It means screaming Here I Am without having to scream. It means interpreting the inner you for the outer them. To Design with Beads makes this process wondrous. It means capturing light and shifting shadows within colors and shapes and sizes and materials, front, left, center, curve and crevice, inside-out and outside-in. Design doesn’t get any better than designing with beads.

But there is a self-awareness factor. As an artist. A creator. Someone who esteems themselves. With courage. And direction. And meaning. With curiosity. Attention.   And detail.”


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