Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jewelry Design: To Trend or Not To Trend

Whoa! That’s an easy one: I pretty much wouldn’t know a trend if it bit me in the butt. Well, I take that back – I’ve recognized a trend from time to time. But that’s usually because its run its course and anything vaguely having to do with it is on sale or at EBay.

So, never having been “cutting-edge” anything, I choose to create by inspiration and intuition, leaving the trends to those who can do them well.

But regardless of whether you are investing in an Elle Schroeder piece or a Glimmerdream piece, all my designs share the same attributes:

  • intrinsic beauty: a natural flow and superb color combinations
  • originality: non-derivative designs found no where else
  • quality: high-end precious and semi-precious gems and high carat precious metals
  • value: ageless beauty (not just this year‘s trendy look)
  • perfection: exquisite attention to detail
  • generosity: longer lengths and lavish use of materials
  • versatility: can be dressed up or worn casually
  • exclusivity: one-of-a-kind designs & limited editions

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