Friday, July 10, 2009

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself…

I have wanted to work on my metalworking skills, using a torch, for lo these many years. Why haven’t I?


The other day I stopped to listen to what was going on in my head and I heard this mantra (literally from Sanskrit man = mind, tra = instrument):

"You’re too old to pick up these skills. The people who are successful with this have been doing it for years – you’ll never catch up. You probably don’t have the patience to be good at it anyway and you’ll never be good enough to sell this work. And you’ll just be wasting time you could be using to be more productive on the work you’re already good at doing. There just isn’t enough time…”

And then I realized that as long as I believe this -- as long as this thinking persists -- it’s a sure bet that I won’t be any good a metalsmithing. Because I’ll never do it.

Time for a new mind instrument.

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