Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Neither Fish Nor Fowl

One of the conundrums I’ve encountered as a jewelry designer is ‘where do I fit in the retail world’?

My dad thought being ‘different’ was a good thing – so that’s the way he raised us. Let me tell you, as a kid that is not a good thing. However it does make for interesting adults sometimes.

I’ve always been a bit of a misfit in the bigger picture, not easily categorized, so I guess it’s no surprise that that paradigm extends to my jewelry and its fits in the retail market.

I’ve been told that I’m ‘too arty,’ not ‘fine jewelry’ enough, and that I’m ‘too fine jewelry’, not ‘arty’ enough and everything in between. But the most common comment from my customers is “ I’ve never seen anything like that before,” which, to me, tells me I’m in a good spot.

Interestingly, Nordstroms told me they loved my work but they “don’t do one-of-a-kinds because it wouldn’t be fair to their big vendors like John Hardy or David Yurman.” Not bad company to be in, eh? Even if you’re being turned down.

So, now what?

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