Monday, May 18, 2009

A Peculiar Path...

As a jewelry artist, my inspiration comes not only from my day-to-day life but all the encounters I’ve experienced in a pretty  unconventional and peripatetic life.  My father traveled – and we with him -- to where there was work. Farmwork in southern Minnesota; orchard work in Washington, haying  in Yuma, logging in Oregon, carpentry in Idaho...and so on, often housed in our 40’ x 8’ Spartan trailer house, our home on our backs, so to speak. Attending 14 schools in 11 years, I completed four years of high school in three. College was equally spread out: Texas, Oregon, Hawaii and California – finally graduating close to my 40th birthday.

Workwise, I’ve picked beans and hoed strawberries, been a teaching assistant, a secretary, an accounting clerk, an entrepreneur in the food business, a cocktail waitress and bartender, worked in Apple Computer's business development and sales, managed a quaint off-the-beaten-path resort in the South Pacific, worked in Hewlett-Packard's channel marketing and distribution...and now I'm a jewelry artist.

As Raul Malo from the band, The Mavericks, has said, "if most people did what I've done in my career, they'd be driving a taxi by now." 

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